Wait, I'm how old?

Today I turned 60. Which in all likelihood means I am in the last quarter of my life. Part of me thinks this is momentous requiring some sort of over-the-top celebration. And part of me thinks meh, it’s Monday. Likewise, part of me feels pressure to make the next 20 years ones of achievement and success. And part of me thinks now I can relax. 

But of course, both those things are true. I don’t need to push myself hard all day every day to achieve things. I can stop along the way, relax and appreciate what we have done before continuing on to do more. (Trish, remind of this post in upcoming days.) 

My millennial niece asked me if I felt wiser now that I was sooooo much older. I told her I didn’t think I was wiser. But I cared less which made life easier. On reflection, I’m not sure it’s that I care less. Perhaps I care about different things. Shifting the weight and the chafe to a different part of my soul. Perhaps with age comes not wisdom, but balance.

In any event, I am going to take a moment today, take one of Trishia’s delicious sweet pies out onto our deck, enjoy the quiet and the creek and appreciate 60 years successfully completed. 

Tell us, how do acknowledge those particulars moments in your life that deserve recognition? 

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