Failing forward

Buttermilk is a mean girl

Trishia once sent me that text when she would not get a pie she was creating to behave correctly. First I laughed. Then I sympathized. We all fail. We all suffer setbacks. Pie helps sooth the wounds, but does nothing to protect against being wounded. We like to think of pie as magical, but sadly, when it comes to healing it’s only helpful after the fact. 

We failed in renting the first location we looked at, despite months of time and effort. We failed to raise sufficient funds for all of the absolutely adorable finishing bits we had planned for the shop. We failed to properly anticipate the number of pie lovers in our county. Or the amount of freezer space we would need. Sometimes, we fail to recognize incompatibility in our employees. 

But here’s the thing about failure. A lot of it is in how you define it. Is going around the mountain instead of climbing it failure if you end up where you need to be? In many ways, we have stumbled and lurched, failing into the shop we love. Sometimes, failure moves you forward.

So, tell us, what failure has sent you in a new and better direction? 

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