The Princess and The Pie

This week, Julia and I met with a business mentor.  I left the meeting grateful for Julia’s ability to look numbers square in the face and with only one question in my trusty notebook:  Where’s the story? 

This question has been dancing quietly through my brain, dangling above the pile of laundry, drifting softly across the night sky.  The story is rife with stories.  We, Julia and I, have tons of stories.  Which one stands out though?  Which story is our story….the story of our pie?  

My business partner and I met more than 20 years ago.  She was the stage manager and I was the princess.  Julia thinks it’s pretty darn funny that our roles haven’t changed much over the years.  I think I’ll need a crown to wear while I make pies.  We spent many years as friends, supporting theatre for young audiences, while pursuing the many things people pursue, careers, homes, pets, families.  Not so many years ago my marriage came to an end, as sometimes happens.  Julia made me post it notes to help me get through my days.  Sometimes they were as simple as “get out of bed and eat food” but as time passed, they became more complicated “figure out what you want the next phase of your life to look like”.  Sheesh, can we go back to easy??  I wanted my new life to include a bakery, a real one with walls and a locking door, not just a pink tent at a farmer's market, I knew that for certain.  Manifesting that dream was a whole other challenge, so I just kept on doing what I had been doing.  Then one dayJulia called me and declared that we needed a food truck.  She too was ready for a new phase, ready to spend less time looking at legal documents, and more time looking at people, happy people, eating yummy things. 

We settled, after a while, on pie (this journey contains at least three other side stories to be told at a later date).  We love pie.  Who doesn’t love pie?  Okay, okay, I know that surely there are people out there who don’t love pie….I personally question their decision making abilities.  Pie is love and must therefore be loved.  Pie contains the bounty of the season, any season.  Pie is handmade from start to finish with simple but beautiful ingredients. Making pie is not brain surgery, we won’t be saving the world at The Whole Pie.  It isn’t rocket science either, but a great piece of pie can take you to the moon.  I promise you, dear readers, that even you could make a delicious pie.  And you can take a class at the shop and I'll show you how.  Here’s my second promise (beware, it's serious):  Your pie, just like our pie, won’t be perfect.  It won’t even try to be perfect.  Pie is immune to perfection, it deflects perfection like Wonder Woman’s bracelets.  It tells you as you devour it, that you don’t have to be perfect either.  You can place a perfectly imperfect pie on the table and your family will love you all the more.  Pie, for me, is about seizing the moment, taking the time, creating beauty, connecting your past to your present, showing your family or friends or community that you value them.  Pie is about allowing yourself to be human, imperfect and beautiful.  Pie is beauty, nostalgia, grace, and love.  Julia will tell you that pie is like life.  It isn't meant to be perfect, it's meant to be eaten.  Is that a story?  I dunno, but I’m going with it. 


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