A note from Trishia

Good thing you didn't die because I still don't know how to post things directly onto the website...

Yesterday I stopped by Julia’s house to add some big framed signs to the various things we’ve been squirreling away in her garage in anticipation of finally opening The Whole Pie.  Oscar the dog was standing on his back porch wearing his “going for a walk” outfit and looking a little dismayed that his Momma wasn’t home and he wasn’t going for a walk.  I asked him what was up but he wasn’t ready to tell me.  It wasn’t until later that evening that I received a call from Oscar’s BFF’s mom, Margot.  She said that Julia had been hit by a car and was in surgery at Kaiser having her ankle rebuilt.  Oh man!  This is not good.

 So I woke before the sun today and baked some savory pies for the nurses.  I checked in with Julia’s family as soon as the sun came peaking through the cracks.  I stopped at the drug store for the requested lip balm and tossed in the mandatory silly magazines (because surely, Julia would like to ponder how to get rock hard abs in five minutes per day while she’s staring at the hospital walls), and a box of tic tacs to shake at people who are bugging her.

Hospitals confuse me.  For some reason I can never get my bearings.  A cutie-pie octogenarian volunteer escorted me all the way into the elevator, up to the second floor,  and to Julia’s door.  Thank goodness for him because it took me at least ten minutes and the help of three nurses to find my way back out of the building.  “Can I help you find something?”, they’d ask sweetly.  “I’m just trying to escape!”, and they’d point me in a new direction.

Because it isn’t enough that Julia spends her days trying to use the law to make peoples lives better, now she’s taken to throwing herself in front of cars in order to save dogs.  I’m sure that is what happened.  She took Oscar for a walk, a car came speeding toward them (probably texting and driving!), and she bravely shoved Oscar out of the way, flinging herself directly into the path of this steel and glass killing machine!!  Yup, that’s totally what happened.  Except that she wasn’t wearing her magic, impervious to all harm, super hero cape and now she has ouchies.  She didn’t bonk her head, which is good because I have the market cornered on crazy in this business relationship.  She didn’t even scuff her face.  She did, however, practically crush her foot and ankle and even let some of the bones poke out through her skin, how gross Julia!!

She will be fine.  She thinks she’s going to hobble around on crutches for a few months.  I think she’s going to learn to really love those fun little scooters they make for broken people.  I’m pretty sure we could attach a sippy cup holder for wine.  She sure is lucky that when we were taping space for your booties all over the pie shop floor we included plenty of space for wheelchair maneuvering.  Cue evil laughter.  Because we all know that she is NOT going to put up with having to sit in a chair on wheels.  Which, by the way, I think is just plain silly, because wheels are fun.  She now gets to be patted down at airports…please let it be a cute security guy…….and she’s practically the bionic woman.  I mean, really, how cool is that?? 

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