A short rant

Here's what I want to know. When did "bring your own bag" turn into "bag your own stuff?" When I remember to bring my environmentally correct, legally required, reusable bag into a shop or market and place it on top of the merchandise I am purchasing, I mean for the check out clerk to take the merchandise and place it into the bag for me. I do not mean for the clerk, who is paid to do this job, to stare at me and then off into space until I simply give up, bag my own items and go away. No. That is not at all what bringing my own bag means.

Here is my promise to you, dear, lovely, future customers. If you bring your own bag, box or carrier of any kind into The Whole Pie, we will help you carefully place your chosen pies into the bag, box or carrier. Because we know what bringing your own bag means. And what it does not. 


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