Pie is a good metaphor for life; or if you prefer, life is a good metaphor for pie. Both have structure and content, crust and filling. Both are better with a hot cup of coffee. And like life, pie is not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be eaten.
— Our Working Philosophy

What is Pie? 

Merriam-Webster says: Pie [noun]

1. a meat dish baked with biscuit or pastry crust

2. a dessert consisting of a filling in a pastry shell

3. a whole regarded as divisible into shares 

Why Pie? 

Made by hand with just a few simple ingredients, pie is love in its most basic form.  And like love, it must be handled lightly, coaxed into beauty.  It cannot be bullied or forced. Pie soothes the soul and nourishes the belly. Pie is flexible. It can help mend a broken heart or celebrate a grand event.  It will be anything you wish it to be, if you ask it nicely.  Pie can be for lunch, for dinner, for dessert, for weddings, for picnics, for apologies and birthdays and book club. Pie is practical, it’s a whole meal all by itself.  It isn’t fussy or snobby, it’s just dinner, or lunch, or a snack while you drive.  Why Pie?  Better to ask, why not Pie?

Why not a slice? 

 Whole pies travel well, although let’s be honest, that’s not the reason. Simply put, some of us don’t like to share.  Some of us like to tuck into a chicken potpie with a fork and not come up for air until the tin is scraped clean.  Some of us like to share our dessert pie even less and don’t want even one tiny blueberry to escape when a slice is placed onto a plate.  Others of us don’t mind sharing, but don’t want to risk the fracas that can ensue from an unevenly divided pie.  If you must, as Merriam-Webster suggests, divide a pie into shares, we highly recommend you do so carefully and with only the people you love the best.  

What’s in your pies?

We make our pies with what our grandparents used to call “food.”  Our crust is made using real butter, real organic flour, real cane sugar and a pinch of sea salt.  Our fillings are made with fresh ingredients, and whenever possible, locally grown. We are passionate about our local food producers and dedicated in our support for them. We also believe that some things, like superior chocolate, vanilla beans, and golden sweet bananas are worth sourcing from far and wide.

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We are a women-owned business